Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I download and install GUIDE2PSC Desktop App ?
    Ans: Go to and download the application and install it in your Desktop or Laptop. You will access this trial application only for two days. Thereafter you need to buy registration key.
  • How to buy Registration Key ?
    Ans: Go to and click "BUY KEY" button and select category of subscription (For one year / two year / three year) and make payment. You will recieve registration key through your registered email immediately after purchase.
  • Is this application need internet connectivity regularly ?
    Ans: GUIDE2PSC Desktop App run without internet connectivity. But internet connectivity while install updates.
  • How to update GUIDE2PSC Desktop App ?
    Ans: We update GUIDE2PSC Desktop App twice weekly. At the left top corner of application there is a button "GUIDE2PSC" with blue background available. Click that button and check for updates, if available updates, install it.
  • How to contact you for more info about GUIDE2PSC Desktop App ?
    Ans: Feel free to ask any doubts. You can coantact us through HERE to clear your doubts.

Excellent Services

Trial Period

You can access full application for the period of a day. Thereafter you need to buy activation key

User Friendly Interface

Attractive user interface and well arranged index makes user friendly

Online Key Activation

The key will be activated immediately after purchase. You just need to enter activation key supplied through email in the application

24/7 Support

A well experience team is always ready for help you

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