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The main object of this portal is to provide facility to attend all kinds model competitve exams. For this we arranged model exams in various categories / subcategories. And Smooth Coaching Interface, Most Detailed Results, Free & Paid Exams, Random Question Options, Preparation Mode of Exams, Unlimited Exam Per Package, Multiple Choice Questions, Single Choice Questions, True and False, Fill in the blanks, Passage Based Questions, Subjective Questions, Audio - Video - Image Questions, Marks - Negative Marks, Difficulty Level Assignment, Full Score Card, Time Elapse Details, Subject-wise Analysis, You vs Other Comparison, Detailed Graphic Result, Answersheet Download, Material Build Design, Dynamic Pages & Modules, Dynamic Exam Packages, Cart, Secured Check & Payment Gateway, User Dashboard with Exam Insights, User Performance Chart, Exam Notifications, Package & Exam Details, Purchase History, Email Settings for users are the special features of this portal.