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Special Features

  • Smooth Coaching Interface, Most Detailed Results
  • Free & Paid Exams, Random Question Options, Preparation Mode of Exams, Unlimited Exam Per Package
  • Multiple Choice Questions, Single Choice Questions, True and False, Fill in the blanks, Passage Based Questions, Subjective Questions, Audio - Video - Image Questions, Marks - Negative Marks, Difficulty Level Assignment
  • Full Score Card, Time Elapse Details, Subject-wise Analysis, You vs Other Comparison, Detailed Graphic Result, Answersheet Download
  • Material Build Design, Dynamic Pages & Modules, Dynamic Exam Packages, Cart, Secured Check & Payment Gateway
  • User Dashboard with Exam Insights, User Performance Chart, Exam Notifications, Package & Exam Details, Purchase History, Email Settings for users

Latest Packages

Diamond Package

Diamond Package

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Gold Package

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Silver Package

Free Package

Free Package

  • Flawless Exam Experience

    Clear Exam interface with Categories , Subject and Question Panel. Ability to switch from one Subject to another and one question to another. Color legends to track your progress. Essential features such as Browser switching features, language change option are also available.



Install GUIDE2PSC Android App

✓ Model exams for competitive exams
✓ Various Categories & Subcategories
✓ Subcategories are in various Levels with lock / unlock
✓ Free & Paid Levels
✓ Battle Exam : This facility will allow player vs player battle. If not found any player, you can battle with the robot. For battle same questions will be served for both the player & the winner will be declared based on no of correct answers.
✓ Lifeline :
    50-50 : For remove two options out of four (Deduct 4 Coins)
    Skip Question : You can skip question without minus points (Deduct two Coins)
    Audience Poll : Use audience poll for check other users choose option (Deduct 4 Coins)
    Reset Timer : Reset timer again if you needed more score (Deduct 2 Coins)
✓ Leaderboard : You can compare your score with other users of app
✓ Learning Room : Here you can prepare for exams. In learning room questions are displayed with single hidden answer & you have to guess the answer. To find whether it is correct or wrong just click SHOW ANSWER button. The questions at learning Room arranged in various categories / various subcategories / various levels. Free and Paid levels are available.
✓ New Exam Notification
✓ Export Answer sheet as PDF
✓ You can report questions if it is found wrong / unsuitable / and other
✓ Review Answers with extra notes
✓ Rewarded Ads to Collect Coins
✓ Free to support any language
✓ Background music
✓ Sound
✓ Vibrate
✓ Text to speech


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